The Patagonia Trail season is from November to March. 7 day / 7 night riding tour (2018 /2019 season). All inclusive in Patagonia. We believe this is the best cabalgatta (horse trail) in Argentina. It has a unique blend of being authentically Argentine combined with subtle gems from experiences of living in Africa & elsewhere.
Elegant wilderness cabins & mountain fly camps & pioneer style tented encampment. First class horses, tack, meals, wine, and service. Experienced guiding; riding mountain trails in authentic Argentine style. Private exclusive environment for groups of 8 riders maximum.
U$800 per person per day. **6 riders minimum to book out a ride as a private safari. No other tourists. 3-Night Extension
We highly recommend a 3-night extension at the beautiful farm in the province of Buenos Aires 'Argentine Home Stay' extension before or after the 'Trail'. We'll also organize your domestic flights and with years of experience, we recommend unique accommodation & things to do in Buenos Aires to further enhance your all-round experience.

2019 DATES

Jan1-8: 2 saddles left Jan 6-13: 8 saddles avail. ( ideal for private group) Jan 11-18: SOLD OUT Jan 16-23: SOLD OUT Jan 21-31: SOLD OUT Jan 26-Feb 2: 8 saddles avail. (ideal for private group) Jan 31-Feb 7: SOLD OUT Feb 5-12: 6 saddles left Feb 10-17: 2 saddles left Feb 15-22: SOLD OUT Feb 20-27: 6 saddles left Feb 23-Mar 1: SOLD OUT



Hosting from November to March 2019/20

Minimum 3 nights


  • Makes perfect extension to Patagonia Trail 

  • Elegant Accommodation

  • First class horses, tack, meals, wine, and service

  • Experienced guiding

  • Riding in authentic Argentine style

Private exclusive environment

U$800 per person per day



All these programs are uniquely Bagual hosted exclusively in the private estates of Altos, Tejel, Peninsula Huemules & Baguales.

All have very different landscapes & are under one ownership.





Available November to April

Monday to Saturday  (6 nights/ 7 days)


Day 1


  • Arrive & airport pick up

  • Afternoon ride to Arroyo Coral. Sundowners.

  • Supper at House


Day 2


  • Full day scenic round trip

  • Barbecue lunch

  • Supper at House


Day 3


  • Driven (15 mins) to Estancia Tejel after breakfast

  • Polo - stick & ball in the morning

  • Lunch

  • Chukkas in the afternoon

  • Special outdoor Curantho supper earth pit meal)


Day 4


  • Stick & Ball in the morning. Lunch

  • Chukkas in the afternoon


Day 5

Peninsula Huemules

  • Transfer to beautiful lodgings in the Peninsula

  • Morning & Afternoon forest rides

  • Lakeside swim after riding morning ride


Day 6

Peninsula Huemules & Baguales

  • Rest day at Lakeside with barbecue lunch.

  • Optional morning & afternoon rides & or stick & ball with chukkas at Tejel


Day 7

  • Depart to airport to meet morning flight




Of course activities & itinerary can be tailored for a private group.


Family party members not wanting to participate in riding or polo activities can have other arrangements made in region e.g. walking, golf, fishing, lakeside boat & swimming.





Available November to April

Monday to Sunday (6 nights/ 7 days)


Day 1


  • Arrive & airport pick up

  • Afternoon Chukkas. Supper at House

  • Overnight Estancia Tejel (walking distance to Polo ground)


Days 2 to 6

  • Stick & ball  (polo instruction included if required)

  • Lunch at Tejel

  • Chukkas in the afternoon

  • Optional excursions to lake for swimming & barbecues during your stay

  • Excellent food throughout your stay. Special Curantho (earth pit cuisine) & Asados during the week

  • Sundowner excursions.

  • Other horse riding possible for non-polo players or those wanting a change


Day 7

  • Driven to Airport after breakfast for onward travel plans






November to end Feb

Friday to Sunday (3 night / 2 day Extension to Jakotango seasonal safaris)


Day 1

  • Pick up from Lakeside at Lago Traful

  • Taken to beautiful private lodge location 45 minutes from Bariloche. Lakeside swimming & barbecue

  • Mystical forest landscape with herds of red deer, staying exclusive lodge accommodation

  • Overnight in the beautiful Peninsula Huemul Lodge


Day 2

  • Optional - morning & afternoon rides

  • Or relaxing by lake with private launch to take you other beaches, islands

Day 3

  • Driven to Bariloche Airport after breakfast for onward travel






Autumn - March (the start of the rut) & April

Monday to Friday (5 nights/6 days)

Stalking in the exclusively private estates.



Day 1


  • Arrive & airport pick up

  • Afternoon excursion to view herds of deer (either by horse,4x4 or foot). Sun downers.

  • Supper at House


Day 2


Full day stalking Zuñiga, Cerro Mulla, Mulla Mallin.

Lunch at Altos puesto ‘out on the hill’.

Supper at House


Day 3


  • Full day stalking Zuñiga, Cerro Mulla, Mulla Mallin - lunch at Altos puesto

  • Supper at House


Day 4


  • Full day stalking in Peninsula Huemules & Baguales

  • Overnight at House


Day 5


  • Full day stalking in Peninsula Huemules & Baguales

  • Supper at house


Day 6

  • Depart to airport to meet onward travel arrangements after breakfast



Family & party members not wanting to participate in stalking can have other arrangements made – walking, riding, golf, fishing, lakeside boat & swimming.


Also optional wild boar tracking for confident riders. Amazing opportunities for the keen photographer.


Activities & itinerary can be tailored for a private group.





Bariloche exclusive full-day program for those staying locally.




  • Hotel to transfer guests direct to Altos

  • Ride to Alto Puesto. Asado & parilla lunch

  • Return to Altos

  • Tea & cake

  • Transfer guests back to Hotel




  • Hotel transfer guests to Tejel

  • Morning - Stick & ball

  • Asado / Parilla lunch

  • Afternoon Chukkas

  • Tea & cakes/sundowner at tent spot/ show guests artisan goods for sale


Unique features:

All riding & activities are hosted on our private land – including Altos (5000 hectares of mountainous wilderness landscape); Tejel (2000 hectares) which is the central valley & house where most horses are living & where polo, taming & equine centre is located.


Peninsula Huemules (includes areas called Roble & Baguales) & is 3000 hectares of beautiful tranquil forested lakeside landscape. All locations have abundant herds of Red Deer (& mountain lion) & of course the most wonderful traditional lodges & quinchos for staying and dining during your stay.


Also at Tejel there is an African style tented encampment which can be a romantic option for couples when staying at house at Tejel. It is closely located to the main house but further enough away to be hidden from sight.


Bespoke Artisan Goods for sale at Tejel – Argentine designs including Rocio_G branded bags & garments / plus Bagual branded ponchos, sweaters & trousers …


All excursions offer a private exclusive environment

U$800 per person per day

All inclusive in Patagonia.

The specialist in the Altai



10-night all-inclusive program - 7 days in the saddle


2019 DATES

6th to 16th Sept 2019 (SOLD OUT)

13th Sept to 23th Sept 2019

27th Sept to 7th Oct 2019

 4th to 14th Oct 2019



11 night all-inclusive program

**Private groups may choose their own start dates in July or August


2019 DATES

2nd to 13th August 2019

16th to 27th August 2019



During these safaris, you will enjoy;

  • Our own finely developed, fully serviced moving ger camp

  • Exclusive Mandala Wilderness camp

  • Separate dining gers, separate bathroom gers & sleeping gers

  • Fires in every ger, serviced with hot water throughout the safari

  • Immaculate attention to detail and fully serviced by team of experienced staff

  • Good, fit horses, excellent quality & comfy tack

  • Special attention to good wholesome natural cuisine

  • Well sourced wine & good bar

  • Experienced guiding & falconing with eagle

  • Riding mountain trails in authentic Mongolian style

Private exclusive environment for groups of 6 to 8 people for groups of 6 to 8 riders

U$800 (per person per day)


Additional information

  • Available to book out for private safaris

  • Recommended tailored mongolian riding robes by our tailor in advance.

  • Finely hosted from arrival until departure in Mongolia

  • Contact us for detailed itinerary


in the hoof prints of the Royal Rajputs ...

Operational between October 2019 & end of February 2019/20


11 night /12 day Trail   (including 8 days /8 nights riding on safari)

Day 1

  • Arrive Delhi, overnight at Imperial Hotel.


Day 2

  • Gentle morning walking tour of Old Delhi & architectural visit.

  • First class cabin to Jaipur on the train.

  • 2 nights at recommended Palace where our guide & host spend Christmas's as a child.


Day 3

  • Arts, Textile  & Architectural tour of Jaipur (optional stick & ball/ chukkas for Polo players)


Day 4 to Day 12

  • Driven 3 hours to the Fort/Stables/horses to begin your 8-night riding safari.

  • 3 nights camping in Royal Rajasthani tents.

  • 4 nights in Fort, Palace & Castle 

  • Ride ends at our much loved Naguar Fort (a Princes Trust & Maharajah of Jodhpur project)


Day 12 

  • Driven to Jodhpur (2 hours) for your onward travel plans or one of our tailored extensions.

& Safari Notes:

  • Fully serviced moving traditional Rajasthani camps

  • Excellent Fort, Castle & Palace accommodation

  • Special attention to good wholesome local cuisine

  • Fit spirited Mawari horses, comfy English tack

  • Experienced guiding & horseman

  • Fine & friendly hosting throughout

Private exclusive environment for groups of 6 to 8 people

U$800 (per person per day, but costs will vary dependant on the size of group & special requirements)

& Extension notes:

  • Discuss a cultural extension to the Trail with us.

  • Unique 30-year knowledge of Indian travel

  • includes - special & unrivaled advice on the history of arts, architecture & textiles 

  • Knowledge of wonderful  'hidden gems' throughout India

  • Expert culinary advice & destinations not to miss ...

  • Expert Textile Tour in Jaipur

  • Sufi Arts & Music Festival  in Rajasthan

  • Yoga & Well Being retreats

  • Walking Safari from Mughal Hunting Lodge (home to old Mughal family) tucked away in an unknown range of hills in Madhya Pradesh, where you can walk in the jungle with expert ranger and naturalist. Unable to this anywhere else. 

  • Old Delhi Spice tour with Street Connections (Salam Balak Trust, supporting rescued street children) 

Lots of wonderful contacts & experiences to share with you!

2018 DATES

To be announced

2019 DATES

To be announced


Cross Mongolia

June 2020


Traveling on horseback from West to East (from Olgii to Dadal).

Ghengis Khan traveling home for the last time to his birthplace.

Journey details

  • Vehicle supported with moving tented camp.

  • 5 days on, 2 days rest (for horses & riders)

  • Guests welcome, where logistically possible, at any stage

Estimated length of journey

3 months (June, July, & August)​

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