Wild Swimming



Following a passion for wild swimming ...when the horses & horseman are being roughed off in the summer...


We host an all-inclusive 7-night authentic getaway 'real' greek experience - a rare find nowadays - for families, small groups of friends, couples, and individuals.  The setting for this experience is on Amorgos; the location for the cult freediving movie 'Le Grand Bleu' by Luc Besson (1988).


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  • STAY in Chora in Amorgos, at a traditional house that has been smartly converted into different apartments. Our guest house is in a comfy, quiet location, and just a short 2 minute walk into the atmospheric buzzing part of the old village. Chora has a lovely atmosphere, and is in the centre of the island - the perfect place from which to explore.  The island has a lovely laid back, friendly vibe! There are some very special characters, families here that have tavernas, cafes open all year-  both excellent and charming. 

  • SWIM in incredible spots!  guest will be guided to hidden coves and beaches, and be able to swim off to beautiful places, which you would never otherwise know. It is incredibly dramatic swimming and superb visibility. Excellent waters, and old style Greece. We'll also take you the most amazing tavernas when it is time to eat!

  • EXPERIENCE real traditional elegant Greece! You'll have a special, and authentic time. There is a vibrant local culture, and we'll always have a finger on the pulse for what is happening such as little concerts in churches in the mountains. There is a passion for good local products on the island, and substantial organic gardens from which we buy produce, and whom supply the local tavernas and cafes.

  • ESCAPE and get way from other over run places, and experience something  different, with a fine balance of being guided, and giving you your own independence. You'll enjoy our local knowledge of the island and get a really good insight and experience from this. Guests will also meet some lovely people, and very likely keep coming back for years to come!



2021 SEASON:

Hosting May, June, July, August, September, October, with June, July & September being the highly recommended months for booking.

Tailor made dates also possible.


7 nights / 8 days (Saturday to Saturday)


U$5600 / per couple

U$3360 / per solo adult

U$2100 / per person (under 16 years )

U$ 1400 / per person (kids under 6 years)

toddlers 2 years & under / no charge

(all inclusive, full board, on Amorgos, see itinerary for details)


Dates are Saturday to Saturday from May until November.
‘… at last ‘ Burton exclaimed. ‘ Once more it is my fate to escape the prison life of civilized Europe and to refresh body and mind by studying Nature in her noblest and most admirable form the Nude. Again I am to enjoy a glimpse of … to inhale the sweet pure breath of translucent skies that show the red stars burning the very edge and verge of the horizon, and to strengthen myself by a short visit to the Wild Man and his old home’ 
Sir Richard Burton 


Wild Swimming in Amorgos - 8 days & 7 nights


Guests can take an international flight to Athens, and stay overnight in Athens.  During their stay, guests can visit the old city, or stay by the coast, and then catch an early morning direct boat from Pireaus Port, Athens (incl. faster passenger services) for early afternoon arrival in Katapola Port, Amorgos.  There are 2 ports in Amorgos, and both are fine to arrive through.  The Katapola port is more central, and most arrivals are through this port.  Most (not all) departures will be from Aegiali Port, Amorgos.



Guests can fly to Athens, and then take an Olympic Airlines domestic flight from Athens to Naxos /Naxos to Athens; for shorter return ferry journey from Naxos Port.



Guests can fly on an international flight direct to Mikonos, and take a return ferry journey to Amorgos, from Mikonos.


Travel notes:

  • There is no airport on Amorgos. This is a positive travel feature and adds to its charm!

  • The nearest island airports are Naxos, Santorini, Astipalaia & Mikonos.

  • Please visit for all ferry schedules and  bookings.

  • We recommend booking a business class seat, or private first class cabin on the Athens Ferry (Hellenic Seaways or Blue Star).


Guests will be picked up from the Amorgos Port of their choice, and taken to their accommodation in Chora, which is the perfect location to be on the island.


Breakfast will take place at the Jasmine Cafe, which will be a daily morning meeting point.  From here, we will have a plan in hand tailored to go to lovely beaches, lunch in our favourite local good quality tavernas, fit in a walk, or plan a siesta, etc.  Guests who wish to participate in wild swimming activities, will be guided to the open water swimming areas, for swimming and some spectacular snooping style 'free' diving down in places.  There will also be ample opportunities to enjoy pretty walks, visiting nice gardens, villages, restaurants, traditional cafes, bars, and tavernas, for music, culinary, and monastery ceremonies at different times during the week.



Guests will be driven to meet their departing ferries - unless arrangements have been made for staying for another week.



  • After really having lived, and immersed ourselves on the island, we have closely bonded with Amorgian friends, and their local culture. We hope our guests experience something unique, and special because of this.

  • The itinerary has been carefully considered to flow well with the length of stay, but can of course can be changed according to specific needs, and interests.

  • June, July & September being highly recommended months.

  • A special 'authentic big blue week' is a nice time in mid September to be on the island.  At this time, the island is quiet, but there are events celebrating the anniversary of the free diving film, including wine tastings, traditional music, and more.

  • Accommodation is provided at the Emprostiada Traditional Guest House.  The guest house comprises of apartments and small houses with a garden and courtyard, in the small village of Chora in the centre of the island (see photo in gallery).


  • Travel to Kythira

    via Crete to the Ionian Sea

    Go on an island hop! The obvious one from Amorgos is to go to Danoosa, near Naxos. However, a great voyage and experience  is to go to Crete (but it is quite a journey).  Guests can also drive across the island to break up their journey, and on to Kythira, which is a lovely big island, with very little tourism. It is a secret spot for Greeks, and is situated just into the Ionian sea. It has lots of great local produce and varied terrain and good swimming.

  • Stay on in Amorgos

    for an extra week

    Get really settled in, and start to explore and return to the places you have enjoyed, and meet up with the locals you have been introduced to at Tavernas, coffee shops, and bars. You can swim further and further each day! Always very rewarding to get to know a place well. Amorgos is so worth it

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