The Rajasthan Ride

Ride in the hoof prints of the Royal Rajputs on this 12-day (8 days in the saddle) horse safari through one of India's

most historic areas.


This horse safari will take riders through a magical exploration of Indian architecture, including medieval forts and palaces, which promises to be a completely unique adventure in the Land of Rajputs.

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  • STAY in the best accommodations available at all stages of your adventure including; the Imperial Hotel in Delhi, a 1st class train cabin to Jaipur, 3 nights camping in Royal Rajasthani tents (with wonderful cooking around the desert camp fire.), and 4 nights in a Fort, Palace and Castle

  • RIDE on fit and spirited Mawari horses, on comfy English tack.

    Our experienced guides and horsemen, have an extensive knowledge of Indian travel, including all the hidden gems along the way!

  • EXPERIENCE something which is uniquely Indian - magical and a uniquely charming. With us we'll share something very special - only in India do you get the diversity of colour, smell, religion, people, cloth, architecture, cuisine - all coming together to take you on an unforgettable journey!

  • ENJOY the good company of a super horsemen & gentleman, charming guidance & an excellent back up team who are all particularly lovely and soft with the horses. You'll get a unique insight into architectural gems, history and local cuisine.



Safaris are operational between October and the end of April annually with Dundlod Fort logistics - with mix of groups from agents.

However we co-host a private ride with an extension which is exclusive to Bagual Horse Safaris.


Quite simply, we love India & have been travelling here since University Studies of the region. We like Bonnie very much and thus we like to put on something special, a bit different and bit more exclusive.

We have a family block printing business that operates in Jaipur which adds little something different to the experience.

(please contact us for more details)


11 nights / 12 days trail

(including 8 days /8 nights riding on safari)


U$800/per person/per day

(all inclusive in Patagonia)


  • Costs will vary dependant on the size of group & special requirements

  • 6 riders minimum to book out a ride as a private safari



17th to 30th Nov: 2021 & 2022 & 2023

Come! You'll get something profoundly connected with our bespoke journey. 

'' In the hush of the cool, dim dawn

When the shades begin to retreat;

And the Jackal bolts to his lair at the sound

of your horses feet;

When the great Kite preens his wings

& calls to his mate in the tree

and the lilac opens her buds ere the 

sun shall be up to see;

When the trailing rosebush thrills with the sparrow's pent up strife.

Oh! a ride in an Indian dawn, there is no such pleasure in life. ''

A Morning Ride

by Rudyard Kipling


The Rajasthan Ride - 12 days & 11 nights Horse Safari

Guests arrive in Delhi for night 1 of their Indian adventure.


Overnight Accommodations:  Imperial Hotel


Guest will enjoy a gentle morning walking tour of Old Delhi, which includes many great architectural sites.  The group will then make their way for Jaipur by train, in a first class air conditioned cabin.  Once in Jaipur, guests will stay a total of 2 nights in the same local palace, where our guide and host spent their Christmas's as a child.

Overnight Accommodations:  Palace in Jaipur (Night 1 of 2)



Daytime activities will include a cultural tour of local arts, textiles, and architecture in Jaipur. Guests who play Polo will also have the option to shop for stick & ball (chukkas).

Overnight AccommodationsPalace in Jaipur (Night 2 of 2)



Our day will begin with a 3hrs drive to the fort/stables where our horses are kept, and where we will begin our 8-night riding safari.  This section of the trip will include desert camping in fully serviced Royal Rajasthani tents, as well as additional nights in a fort, palace and castle.  Our ride will end at our much loved Naguar Fort (a Princes Trust & Maharajah of Jodhpur project).

Overnight Accommodations:   3 nights of camping in Royal Rajasthani tents, and 4 nights in fort, palace, and castle.



Guests will be driven 2hrs to Jodhpur, for onward travel plans, or to partake in one of our tailored extensions (scroll down for details).

Safari Notes:

  • Guests will be provided with overnight stays in fully serviced moving traditional Rajasthani camps, as well as excellent fort, castle, and palace accommodations.

  • Our team is committed to offering a special attention to good wholesome local cuisine at all times.

  • All Mawari horses are in superb and fit condition.

  • Riders will enjoy comfy English tack, and be accompanied by experienced guides and horseman at all times.

  • Our hosts have a unique 30-year+ knowledge of Indian travel.

  • Guests are guaranteed to experience fine & friendly hosting throughout.​



  • All guests who are interested in adding cultural trail extensions to their Rajasthan Ride Horse Safari adventure, are encouraged to contact us prior to booking, or at any time during their trip.

  • Trail extensions include special and unrivaled advice on the history of arts, architecture, textiles, culinary advice, as well as knowledge of wonderful 'hidden gems' throughout India.


Sample Trail Extensions:

  • Expert Textile Tour in Jaipur

  • Sufi Arts & Music Festival in Rajasthan

  • Yoga & Well Being retreats.

  • Walking Safari from Mughal Hunting Lodge (home to old Mughal family) tucked away in an unknown range of hills in Madhya Pradesh, where you can walk in the jungle with expert ranger and naturalist. Unable to do this anywhere else!

  • Old Delhi Spice tour with Street Connections (Salam Balak Trust, supporting rescued street children).​


Do not miss out on this amazing experience where you will make lots of wonderful new contacts,

and have an abundance of new experiences that will forever be with you!


Hosted and designd by Bagual Horse Safaris

& Bonnie at Dundlod Opertated Safari


  • Expert Guided

    Arts & Architectural Tour

    While in India, it is almost a must to have an architectural tour! The ride ends in Nagpur where The Princess Trust is renovating Nagaur Fort. This is a good starting point, and Jodhpur is close by.  Lucky guests will be able to schedule their tour in conjunction with the February Sufi Festival in one of these 2 places.  our expert guides have a unique attachment to the Indian families of this region, and will take our guests to the most intriguing places to visit and experience.  this is truly an amazing experience, and a great extension to the Rajasthan Ride Horse Safari.

  • Wildlife Lodge Retreat

    Walking with Leopards


    Hosted by an old Mughal family, this a truly unique gem of an experience! It is the only place I know where you can walk with a ranger in a national park, and be away from the queues of land vehicles in the more popular locations. The lodge is in the buffer zone of the park - a tiger did sadly kill a goat herder when we were last there, and there are many leopards, but you will be extremely well looked after at all times. Guests will have to cross a large river estuary to reach the park, which in combination with the remote location, has kept visitor numbers down.  Guests will be accompanied by a ranger and guide who will track leopard footprints, and will provide an in-depth knowledge of the area, and open the 'jungle book' for you. The likelihood of seeing a leopard is quite high, as wel as tiger footprints,  but seeing an actual tiger itself is not as common to see here.  guests will  fly (or ride the train) to Bhopal, where the host family has a palace hotel. From ther, guests will then be driven to the old hunting lodge via Sanchi Stupa, and the oldest cave paintings in India.

  • Temples & Talis

    Gastronomy Spice Tour


    To get into a completely different region of India, we recommend a tour of Tamil Nadu's temples, and finishing in the spice region of Kerala. With expert guiding from SOAS graduate you will get scholarly insight into the region combined with some fine eating - in great style.

  • Yoga

    & Wellbeing

    We have a favoured Yoga and well being retreat we recommend in Kerala. We would highly recommend combining this with a culinary tour of the spice plantations of the region.

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