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We believe in getting away from all the modern day nonsense​

Good ingredients. Rustic elegance. Good taste. Good quality. Keep it simple.​

To share something authentic

To have knowledge of  local cultures & the skilled artisan​

Intimate connection with the wilderness ​

Observe, protect, study, listen to and respect the indigenous wildlife ... the horse, the snow leopard, the wolf, the eagle, the mountain lion ...


We are well-traveled, experienced horseman, exploring remote parts of Asia & South America pursuing personal & cultural interests.  We have immersed ourselves fully into the art of travel – be it in the saddle or otherwise.

We provide real & raw experiences, with fine service & warm hospitality

We have a passion for, detailed knowledge of & interest in textiles, cultural history, local traditional garb, and gastronomy. Our offerings began and remain a unique, personable experience.


We aim to share passions we have developed, knowledge we have accumulated, hoping you can immerse yourself in the region we take you to & that you take away something very special & discover & have an experience which changes your life a little for the better.

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We have many Bagual Recipes (fresh herbal teas, muesli mixes, salads, soups & over the coals of the fire delights ...) up our sleeve for delicious surprises. We are keen chefs & very particular about ingredients. We go to great efforts to source natural organic ingredients, locally sourced products & great dishes. 

Wholesomeness & quality is of great importance to us.


´The men fondled the gourds and sucked at the bitter drink, talking about maté the way other men talked about women' 

-Bruce Chatwin


We have a variety of our own designed Bagual Artisan Goods. Textiles & traditional garments are of great interest to us. Garments that are elegant & 'travel well'. We support the artisan wherever we are. Tailoring original designs for our guests, ourselves, friends & horses.


´I remember the days when after a long ride, I slept, pilloed on my saddle,the open sky

above me, a sounder and sweeter sleep than I had ever slept before´

Lady Florence Dixie 1879


We have a unique relaxed, rehabilitating Bagual Yoga routine of asanas which mixes in influences from different Yoga schools from India & South East Asia. Practice your asanas outside in inspiring wilderness environments.  Knowing you can practice on a riding trip, of course, or get us to handcraft a Yoga trip using our camp facilities in Mongolia or Patagonia.  With 25 years of Yoga exploration & experience.  


'Great things are done when men & mountains meet'

–William Blake


Bagual Swimming. We like to encourage wild swimming in rivers & lakes & seas - there are so many opportunities to do this & we believe it is so good for health & spirit & with a bit of encouragement people love it & feel great in the moment and afterward. We have some good spots.


'Once more it is my fate to escape, to refresh body and mind, to strengthen myself by a short visit to the Wild Man and his old home 

~ Sir Richard Burton 1883 


We have a unique detailed knowledge of the art, textile & cultural history of the areas we operate in. We are genuinely interested in this ourselves & this sets us far apart from most & makes a big difference to your overall experience & indeed conversations at meal times. Read the unprompted letters from guests (under testimonials) to get a sense of this personable experience & call us to test us out!


Guests may want to host a Bagual Talk post trip at home or workspace – something different to share with friends or colleagues.

Asia is not going to be civilised after the methods of the West. There is too much Asia and she is too old.

Rudyard Kipling



We’ll happily create a journal style photo book for you of your trip & it will include excellent photographs, appropriate quotes & personal references, recipes & very much a unique style which will prove to be a fond memory. These Bagual Books have proved a great success.

The true wanderer whose travels are happiness, goes out not to shun, but to seek.

Freya Stark.



With us you get proper all-round horsemanship from the breeding, taming, handling, riding and living.  We live and breath it, in a very real authentic way.  You are in the very capable hands of horseman & outdoorsman.

All the time he maintains their confidence & their trust because this is the bedrock of the horseman. To break the trust of a horse, for a horseman of purity, is to invoke the curse of Iblis. That divides Occident from Orient. If a man does not know, he does not know, there is little hope.

Bas Imrador, Master of the Horse 1673



We support artisans in Argentina, Chile, Mongolia & India – all of whom we are loyal to & have close relationships with & have been working with for many years, creating kit for us & to whom we introduce to guests. See our shop.


We also are very sensitive to wilderness being polluted & the struggle nature has versus man. We have some selected charities we make people aware of  & to get involved & support if  & when possible.

safari continued 300.jpg

A project initiated by Indian female film director, Miram Nair, of the 80's award-winning Bollywood film 'Salam Bombay'. Rescuing and rehabilitating street children. In our itinerary, we do a fascinating guided walk in Old Delhi with these kids.




The only real Wild Horse herd left in the world – Equus Ferus. We can tailor a guided visit with a park ranger to where these horses are protected.


Our much-loved spirit animal – ‘The Wolf’ – revered by Ghengis Khan & the shamans.  Wolves second to humans have the highest level of endurance. They have complex family structures, not dissimilar to humans.


The ghost of the Mountains – the snow leopard. Perhaps the noblest of the felines.




Saving Wilderness Terrain.  Previous owners of Northface (inspired by climbing the Northface of Mt Fitzroy in Patagonia), Patagonia & Esprit - this couple have put so much energy into conservation. See documentary 180 degrees South!




The fight against plastic!


We love the wise, noble of the seas …  the sea turtle.

‘Every bit of unspoilt nature which is left, every bit of earth still spare, should be declared a wilderness area as a blueprint of what life was originally intended to be, to remind us’ 

Lauren Van de Post 

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