We started off as travellers exploring remote parts of Asia pursuing personal & academic interests. We have immerse
d ourselves more than most into the art of travel – be it in the saddle or otherwise. We are experienced horseman and well travelled. Our interests are very much in textiles, local traditional garb and gastronomy. Our offering began and remains a unique, personable experience. We aim to share passions we have developed, hoping you can immerse yourself in the regions we take you to & pursue your own project should you wish.

Travel started at a young age,  and then at SOAS extensively travelling in Asia. Then later onto Patagonia inspired by Lady Florence Dixie´s book 'Across Patagonia', riding in the hoof prints of her party's epic equine expedition of 1879. A key part of the story has been sharing memorable times with wonderful families and fabulous characters in awe-inspiring locations – be it round a camp fire, in humble dwellings, nomadic tents or other homes – and bringing you in as part of that experience.

We share an authentic experience with guests - we are always supportive of local communities with particular reference to having things made traditionally (weaving, spinning, sewing, knitting, saddle makers and artisans of many trades), preparing & sourcing local ingredients; cooking with passionate interest - we enjoy getting fully immersed in the local environment and so guests get to feel that genuine interest and natural connection.

Bagual is an old Spanish word referring to a wild horse, one that was domesticated but became wild. There to, is a dramatic range of mountains separating a remote part of southern Chile and Argentina called ‘los baguales’. The word is easily pronounced in Hindi to, less easy in English! A ‘baguala’ is a beautiful Indian lament/ song.

Locations are tucked away gems. The families and businesses we operate with are first and foremost friends as well as partners. Encouraged by this, you hopefully will feel something special from this and the reactions you get from the horseman and others alike. We support our local artisans – whose textiles, clothing and tack we endlessly love commissioning - for us, our horses and you (we have ponchos, trousers, jumpers and things for sale!)

The places where we travel offer a great opportunity to immerse yourself in invigorating and inspirational environments and peoples.

We welcome you to journey with us on one of our suggested journeys or one we create for you!






Bagual Host Guide

Owner of Bagual Ltd. 

Hosting & operating horse & other safaris. Designing & trading 'elegant artisan kit' that travels well. Guest speaking with Bagual Talks. 




Experienced horseman, herdsman & eagle handler. One of life's very special characters. You don't get a better mountain guide than Botei. Our front man, his horses, his Eagle, his tremendous spirit on our Mongolian  Altai rides.

Dundlod 081_edited_edited.jpg


Dundlod Fort, Rajasthan

Dundlod Fort and Stud is home to his wonderful breed herd of Mawari horses. Founders of the Indian Indigenous Horse Society. Bonnie is a real Gentleman and a wonderful host.




Hard working outdoorsman. Horseman. Hosting groups at 'Felipe's House & camp' on 2 evenings of the Patagonia trail.


Host Guide in Patagonia

Owner of Jakotango & operator of  The Patagonia Trail & Argentine Homestay.

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Location Manager

in Mongolia

Managing & hosting our horse rides & camps on location in Mongolia.


Kadu & Alojak

Mongolian Trail Chefs

Incredible homemade cooking on safari on the Mongolian Altai safaris. Very hard working, always smiling & super nice girls



Patagonia Trail Guide

An absolutely superb group host & guide. Daisy looks after everyone wonderfully & has a special energy, is great fun & a complete hoot!



You will be able to pick up some good advice from us directly

and most importantly take note of some essential things you need to know for your journey.