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The Altai Glacier Ride
Join us in the Altai Mountains of Mongolia, for  12-day adventure, including 7 days in the saddle, & experience the authentic nomadic lifestyle of the Mongolian people, in the far western region of the Altai on the chinese russian frontier borders (in & around Tsambogd National Park).
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This is a high region, with mountain passes which begin to get snow cover potentially in September. So we operate this as a summer ride only.


11-nights / 12 days


U$8800 per person

(all inclusive in Mongolia)


  • 6 riders minimum to book out a ride as a private safari.

  • Private exclusive environment for groups of 6 to 8 people maximum.



  • 9th to 20th July Nadaam Festival* included.

  • 2nd to 13th August

  • 16th to 27th August 


*Nadaam Festival in remote Altai region, with our host family.

*Private groups may choose their own start dates in July or August.


The Altai Glacier Ride / 10 nights & 7 days of riding


Guests will arrive at a private airport and be picked up in Ulaan Bataar.  From airport pick-up, guest will then be transferred to the Shangri–La Hotel. Daytime activities will include a well thought out and planned City Tour giving you a informed insight into Mongolian history & culture.  A driver, and English speaking local professional guide will be with you all day, and will be there to help at all times.  Our city team will be here for you at the beginning and end of the trips, for all your time in the city.  A light lunch, followed by a concise afternoon guided tour of  The Choijin Lama Temple Museum, followed by a supper with your guide.

Overnight Accommodations:  Shangri–La Hotel in Ulaan Bataar.


In the morning, guests will visit the Gandan Monastery, which has an active Buddhist temple with a resident monk population. This is a nice opportunity to experience Tibetan Buddhist worship and monks chanting their prayers from ancient manuscripts. Visit to to temple will be followed by lunch and a guided tour of the traditional Mongolian Museum.  Depending on everyone’s preferences and energy levels; guests will also have the option to visit an artisan supported outlet and a cashmere shop. The early evening  will be spent attending a local music and dance performance at small theatre, followed by supper.

Overnight Accommodations:  Shangri–La Hotel in Ulaan Bataar.


Guests will be off to an early start, and driven to the airport at 05:00am for 06:30am domestic flight to Bayan Ulgii.  The local team will ensure you all get checked in onto the flight, and wait to board in the VIP lounge, while luggage will be organised and checked in by the team.  Approximate flight length will be 1.5 hours.  Upon landing, guests will be met at Bayan Ulgii and driven by 4x4 vehicles (6 hours) through a scenic countryside, to our first wilderness camp, located in the Tavan Bogd National Park.  

Overnight Accommodations:  Moving Wilderness Camp One  (night 1 of 2)


Guests will ride to the Pontaniin Glacier (30 km circular ride).  Enjoy the incredible scenery up to the frontier with Russia. Riders will stop for a rest at a mountaineering/climbing ‘base camp’, and then back to our camp in the late afternoon for night 2.

Overnight Accommodations:  Moving Wilderness Camp One  (night 2 of 2)



Guests will relocate (on horseback) to second camp., which is a 25 km ride to the Khairkhan mountain, via a valley of little visited ancient bronze age petroglyphs.  Riders will spend the night camped below a mountain pass, in a simple camp, with camels as pack animals, which will have transported provisions to the camp in preparation for our arrival.  Guests will be in full 'expedition mode', sleeping in tents.

Overnight Accommodations:  Moving Wilderness Camp Two


We will be moving our camp and crossing the Altai Mountain Pass of Tsaagan Khairkhan, over to our camp in the Tsagaan Uus Valley (22kms of riding).

Overnight Accommodations:  Moving Wilderness Camp Three (night 1 of 2)



Riders will travel on horseback to the mouth of Tsagaan Us, through the beautiful forested valley (20kms of riding)

Overnight Accommodations:  Moving Wilderness Camp Three (night 1 of 2)


We head to our horseman guide’s summer nomadic dwelling in the remote Khorimdik Valley.  Here we will make a base for a couple of days, and immerse ourselves in this remote nomad community.  Our support vehicle will be at hand, and we will now be sleeping in the comfort of our private traditional ger tents.

Overnight Accommodations:  Nomadic Dwelling in Ger Tents Camp Three (night 1 of 2)


Today we will immerse ourselves with the nomads – there might be a festival, wedding, ride out into the hills … a spontaneous day!

Overnight Accommodations:  Nomadic Dwelling in Ger Tents Camp Three (night 2 of 2)



The morning will begin with a drive to Bayan Ulgii village, where guests will enjoy the local culture, hotel comforts, and supper.

Overnight Accommodations:  Bayan Ulgii Hotel



The day will take a morning flight to Ulaan Bataar.  Check in will be coordinated and assisted by the team.  Once in Ulaan Bataar, guests will be met by same city team and drivers, and stay again at the Shangri-La Hotel.  The afternoon can be spent resting, or a guide and driver will be available to those wanting to do last minute visits in the city (ex: cashmere shopping!).  Table will be booked at restaurant for supper.

Overnight Accommodations:  Shangri–La Hotel in Ulaan Bataar.



A driver and guide will accompany you for your travel arrangements.  Guests will be driven to airport to meet their International flight departures.



We not only have a very experienced safari team and logistics back up out in the field, but we also uniquely provide you also with a well planned cultural experience in the city stopover guided throughout including always having help & VIP treatment.



Riders will be accompanied by our own fully serviced moving wilderness ger camp, which include; separate dining gers, separate bathroom gers, and  sleeping gers.  Some nights may be spent in a technical tent style camp when crossing remote regions inaccessible by support vehicles.  Each ger will have it's own fire, serviced with hot water throughout the safari.  All guest and gers will be serviced by a team of experienced expedition staff.


We provide good, fit horses, excellent quality tack & comfy English saddles.  We will be riding mountain trails in authentic Mongolian style, and be accompanied by support vehicles, with walkie talkies, satellite phones, and GPS navigators.  All guests will be led by experienced guides, and hosted by authentic nomadic families.


We pay special attention to providing our riders with good wholesome natural cuisine, and well sourced wine from Undurraga vineyard in Chile.  Our travelling bar also includes Whiskey, Gin, Vodka & Tequila.



We have an experienced office hub with team in the Capital - for logistic & if necessary emergency co-ordination / which is crucial to have in Mongolia.

We have an employed translater / guide who is with the group throughout & can be deployed if necessary should an unexpected emergency situation require.

We have a support vehicle throughout the safari rides. It not only sets up picnics at lunch, but is used as back up if needed for guests.

The team are not only experienced with riding guests but also have experience on the some of the most respected BBC film shoots such as; Human Planet, Long Way Round, Kate Humble, Grand Tour, and various survival programs.


We house you in the Shangri -la 5* hotel in the capita, unless otherwise mentioned, at beginning and end of your trip. You have professional and good quality guiding program in the City at the beginning and the end - an itinerary carefully worked out to give you a valuable and interesting insight into Mongolian culture. Plus guidance for shopping, be it cashmere, antiques, musical instruments, religious iconography, artwork.  Tables at restaurants are booked in advance, meals are included (just not drinks in the city). English speaking Mongolian Guides and drivers will be with you throughout your city hosting - and same team will be with you before and after the riding safari. So you have two teams looking after groups - a meet and greet and guide by city team (actioning transfers etc, including domestic airport check ins at VIP lounge) : and riding safari team out in the country.


  • We are available to book out for private safaris

  • Recommended tailored Mongolian riding robes by our tailor in advance.

  • Hosted from arrival until departure in Mongolia.

  • Contact us for detailed itinerary



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