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Updated: Nov 11, 2021

By complete chance in 2010, having lost a horse overnight whilst camping - school boy error, and embarrassingly I needed to dash off at dawn to try and find him; and luckily I come across a criancero (shepard who lives in these remote mountain region) leading our missing stead. Infact it was fortunate that I knew him - Jamie; nice man and a year previous he had made me a beautiful worked crude leather collection of tack - bretel, riendas y frenas. He kindly invited us to visit his family at their summer home; where he was heading - saying it was only 4 hours out of our way. Of course a chap like this - his 4 hours - was 9 hours to us - and a never ending climb, on which everyone got a little scared as we went up & up to above 3000 metres! Gosh, but was it not one lifes extraordinary discoveries!? Very remote region anyway - and this place, unreal - you'd just never know it existed. One of the remotes places in patagonia. Whats more we slept 2 nights here, when one the worlds biggest earthquakes took place, its epicentre 200kms west of us on the other side of the Andes. I think it was a bucket full of mountain wine that disguised the earth was moving, presuming it was us wobbling!

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