The vicuña is closely related to the Guanaco, of the camelo family, that lives high in the Andes. Its populations are very low nowadays and it was hunted for its prize fleece to the point of extinction. There are some registered farms, protecting the vicuña in its natural habitat, registered and certified to shear their fleece without harming the animal. Our wool is from such a certified source, which is part of an objective to protect these animals. The vicuña wool is the most prized in the wool world. It is technically the best quality of any wool or cashmere wool with the highest count of fibres measuring 13 to 15 microns. The special thing about wearing a poncho in this wool is that it is light yet very warm and practicle and the fibres are strong (unlike cashmere, which tends wear quickly used frequently). It is a pure fleece product, the vicuñas are sheared like a sheep might be, not brushed like a cashmere goat. This means pure vicuña is of course very soft, but not as much as some cashmeres. There is always a balance!

Argentine Poncho - Vicuña

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