First question is high waist (works well with sash) or normal waist design.


Great travel or riding trouser. Long lasting, unlike a standard jodphur. Elegant with or without a riding boot, with or without a horse, on or off a bicycle, on a walk or at a drinks party.


Colours listed below in 'options' will not always be available in the different materials - but they are all good colours.




Medium weight is best seller as works well all year round and most colours usually available.


A light summer weight poplin cotton. Normal waist Strong and long lasting nonetheless. Soft and comfy. Perfect for travel to hot countries and looks elegant with a nice shirt and makes a difference to your average chino trouser, looks better and much more comfy! 


Corduroy material. A great travelling trouser for riding or otherwise. Can come in racing green colour or mustard. Hard wearing and a pleasure to have a pair of cords so diferent from the norm which work well in UK and travel so well in colder climes.

Bagual Bombacha Trouser - Mens

Option 3