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A short trip to check out Estancia Condor late autumn 2011. Butch, Sundance & Etta enjoy the ride. Bit of a road trip onto Menelik & Tucu Tucu. The horses in the corral we rounded up by us very easily and Jakob lasood one with no dificulty - & this was what the BBC later in 2014 pretended 'dramatically' were wild horses in Earth's Secret Paradise series - nonsense - as you can see; and they even got my advice as to where wild horses might be - I said only in the Baguales in south Chile. The supposed taming of a wild horse was even done by characters from the north of Argentina not here in Patagonia. I even gave them this Estancia as a contact; they combined the location and made up that the horses were wild. There are wild cows here not wild horses.

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