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The images illustrate the lovely big hearted & charming side of Amorgos the island & its folk. These pics are mainly from 2021, through the seasons, mixed up, with a few added additions from other years. I'm afraid to say that one should also be aware that the municipality needs desperately to get on top of the environmental issues; there is a severe lack of water & advanced drought; loss of habitat & an awful poorly managed rubbish waste system. With the ever increasing numbers of summer tourists - it seems to us to be very short sighted to be building more roads, carparks & hotels - and not addressing the appauling rubbish centre & bin management / and litter this creates - the vast rubbish pile which is the worst possible environmental location with a disgusting amount of leakage - open to the elements. It is disfunctional. Located directly in between the 2 most marketed beaches (& famous monastery) on the island. Exposed to the ferocity of all winds, simply blowing the rubbish back into the sea and the land. And I have to say, in Amorgos & everywhere we have free dived and swam there isn't a day that we don't see enormous amounts of tiny plastics, droplets of diesel, and large waste products - in the water. Only yesterday I saw so much little plastic floating under the water, you could have mistaken it for natural particles, but the distinctive man made plastic feel in ones fingers - how can marine life not but be digesting huge amounts of pollution.

'We are all Greeks.

Our laws,our literature, our religion our arts have their root in Greece.

But Greece & her foundations are

Built below the tide of war,

Based on the crystalline sea

Of thought & its eternity'

Percy Bysshe Shelley. Hellas. 1822.


Traditional house, Chora

Marina's house

Mata & Iliana at Pyrgos

Jasmine Cafe

Theo at Jasmine

Langada region





Easter at Chora

Katapola in May

Easter in Chora

Emprostiada Traditional Guest House

Nonda's garden delights

Curcuma linen; scarf from India!


Emprostiada Traditional Guest House - good place stay, or for friends on normal holiday of 1 to 3 weeks.

Back to Athens on the ferry.

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