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“What an adventure!! I don't know where to start!! I absolutely loved every single minute of our trip, what fabulous company... and most of all thanks to you for organising such a fabulous trip and keeping us all in order. The food was good, the gers more than I imagined - proper beds that was a surprise!”

Rosemary Armistead - Altai, Mongolia Oct 2015

“We had an awesome trip and I’m sure it will be repeated next year.”

Farzin Pourmokhtar - Altai, Mongolia, Oct 2015

“Thanks to you James, it's been a very authentic trip and the more I think of it the more in awe I am of all the things we lived!”

Adrian Matheu - Altai Region, Mongolia, October 2014

“Thank you all so much for such a memorable and special trip. It lived up to all expectations and was only enhanced by your company and that of Botei and family, Agii, and the others we spent time with. I feel very lucky to have experienced the vast barren landscape, horses and eagles, snow dusted mountains and freezing rivers.”

Vanessa Lindsey - Altai Region, Mongolia. October 2014

“I am really quite overwhelmed by the events that have taken place over the past month… I have come to you through Paddy, and therefore this feels like family to me. I couldn't have been gifted a greater friend and ally in all things non-synthetic…, suffice to say it has been a journey of epic proportions, with you at the helm… for which I am and always will be eternally grateful.”

Rhona Mitra - April 2014

“James’s ability to converse and entertain all whom he meets is unique. Sometimes you find people and places that are good for your soul, add to that the adventure and wildlife, and you have a truly special trip that will stay with you forever.”

William Stocker - Feb 2014

“Can´t tell you how much I enjoyed the whole Patagonia experience. All the people were just splendid. An accolade in itself. You betcha, god willing I will be back.”

John Retson – Jan 2014

“Dear James, back down to earth at home here in London, kids all sorted and life easing into normality. I think you may be onto your next adventure by now? James you made our adventure to Patagonia so memorable I wish to send you a huge thank you for making it so. Also for allowing me to ride such a beautiful mare in such beautiful surroundings. I loved every minute though my favourite bit was staying in the first gaucho home in the middle of the wilderness, truly special. Thank you again and sending you much love.”

Deb – Dec 2013

"It has been a journey on many levels and you showed me something very special. i feel blessed to have spent this past month in such a wild special, beautiful part of the world riding the most wonderful horses I really loved every bit. It was very sad to leave and say goodbye. You have great knowledge of the land and thats some thing very special. Thank you James for sharing it with me. For sure I shall be speaking highly of all that ive seen, been and the country I've ridden in. Looking forward already to another trip!! Would be amazing... "

Beshlie - April 2013

"We had such an amazing time at Ranquilco. It totally blew our expectations out of the water. Wow is it an amazing place! It was so what the two of us needed, a completely remote experience in the most stunning of surroundings - an 'epic' trip! We struggle to put into words just how good it was when telling friends about it. Thank you for organising it all "

Harry and Georgie Jan 2012

"..the 3 hour ride into Ranquilco, crossing rivers … was an adventure in itself! The setting of the estancia was marvellous and James and his team looked after us wonderfully. The location is jaw droppingly beautiful – something to be seen to be believed. Our journey into the mountains felt like a real adventure – though it was James and Ali who were doing all the hard work. Fantastic fishing and walking to, and wild foods to gather. Bottom line: Can't recommend it highly enough! "

Christo and Clare Jan 2012

“The horses went so beautifuly together all through that long tough wild day. It was beautiful to ride side by side with Tamara the whole way and watch those two horses come in together every time and the heart beat too. Adrenaline running high, each lap so different but the most extreme terrain and changing all the time. It was a nose to nose finish and gosh those horses did us proud and did an amazing race. Amazing!!! I’m still buzzing from it all... It really has stirred many emotions this trip and touched hearts more than i was ever aware of. I know doing the 100km and coming in with the winners will help sponsorship... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, LOVELY JAMES FOR SUCH AN AMAZING TIME !!!”

Beshlie - Wild Horse Ride. April 2011

“We have arrived at the Estancia…. and we could stay here for a month! Effectively, we have the whole house to ourselves. There's an enormous living room with big views to the nearby lake, a huge open fireplace that we light in the afternoons and evenings, and we sit by it sipping some wine and listening to the crackling of the open fire. We have a fabulous bedroom. The only noise at night times is the wind, and during the day we can occasionally hear the dogs barking and the birds in the trees. There are no phones, no television and no internet.”

Dominique - Estancia Sofia, Chile. February 2011

“What an amazing way to round off our honeymoon! What a gorgeous place, we had the house to ourselves & were looked after so well - thanks for all your help, it was an excellent end to a great trip. We were so well looked after by Paola and Marta and enjoyed three wonderful days’ riding. The estancia had roaring log fires, was well equipped with great beds and tons of hot water; just what we needed after a day in the saddle. Just a ten minute walk from the end of Laguna Sofia. It’s a beautiful site right in the middle of stunning Chilean Patagonia. We’re not the most experienced riders but we felt totally secure in Paola’s capable hands with good natured horses & top quality equipment. A really unique and personal experience run by people with a genuine love of horses & the great outdoors.”

Jessica Hill - Campana, Chile. January 2011

“Thank you very much for such a magical, transformative experience in the Argentine mountains. The horses were fantastic, calm and sure footed on such testing terrain. It was an enormous pleasure to spend ten days in an untouched wilderness in great company. I hope to be back one day soon.”

Livia Liechtenstein - January 2010

“James, it was the most magical five days ever, I couldn't have enjoyed myself more. I fell immediately in love with everyone, what an AMAZING group of people I met, I can't even begin to tell you how upset I was having to come back to Buenos Aires, although it is still very cool over here as well...!”

Diana Bell Irving - April 2010

“Horse-lovers, picture this and drool in envy; spread before me is a sweeping valley, thick with golden grass, pockets of beech trees in pillarbox red and cinnamon orange, a crisp sky and a backdrop of snow-frosted mountains. I am here with James MacMahon Mahon, a charmingly eccentric Englishman with a penchant for natural fibres and fine wine, and a passion for Patagonia. We have travelled here for an equine adventure – to train for and compete in a challenging horse race across private land within a stunningly beautiful national park in southern Chile. This area is absolute heaven for riding...”

Rebecca Worrell - Writing for the Times, April 2009

“Ranquilco is one of my favourite places on earth, it takes special people to want to share it with. James is not only a fantastic horseman and knowledgeable guide, but also has a wonderfully charismatic and warm persona that somehow makes even the coldest, rainiest and most challenging mountain trips feel like documentary-worthy adventures (and they are!).”

Emma Jane Hague - Ranquilco, Argentina. March 2008

“Being in Campana really does feel like being at the end of the earth. The way of life and riding style alike are rough and ready. The elements are often harsh, but the landscape is stunning. I fell in love with this area in 2008 after exploring it on horseback with James. James is a terrific wilderness guide, offering both the necessary expertise and entertainment!”

Emma Jane Hague - Campana, Chile. March 2008

"I had the great good fortune of participating in a mountain camping trip on horseback a couple of years ago in the Andes of Northern Patagonia, Argentina, under the tutelage of James. I quickly came to appreciate his skills as a world class equestrian, a skillful organizer and an attentive and entertaining host. The trip proved to be a truly positive life-changing experience for me, and I will be forever grateful to James for making it so. It is my greatest hope to return for another of his expeditions."

John Sewell - February 2008

“What else could we do that is that memorable? The purity and beauty of those extreme mountains reflected in the picture perfect lakes, the luxury of the lodges after a full day of riding on that perfect black horse, incredible memories of some blissful cantors through the glory of the mallins in the high plains of Patagonia. We always tell our friends the stories of James in the bosque, soaking wet after surrendering his coat to protect us, joyfully shouting, "I didn't know it was a whiskey day". Too much fun! There are so few authentic places and people shaped by the grandeur, you and Chile are that.”

Christine Moorehart - January 2008

“I had the most amazing time in Chile. Send my regards to the others, you have all provided me with some good story telling!”

Chloe Pearce - January 2008

“I want to thank you again for hanging back with me when everyone else was cantering. Of all the places we went, that is the area I would most like to visit again. Take care and stay adventurous…”

Mary Jane Keyse - December 2007

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