Tailormade Tours

We offer an extensive range of exciting and interesting equine-based activities. We can build an itinerary for you that could include hunting on horseback with golden eagles in Mongolia, tracking puma, wild horses or wild cattle in patagonia; riding between forts, places and colourful festivals in Rajasthan; crossing the Masai Mara in Kenya with the migration of the Wilderbeast; or following the footsteps of epic horseback journeys made by past explorers in South America and Central Asia Contact us to design your own itinerary.

Mongolia, Argentina, Chile, India, Kenya



Relive an epic horseback journey following the footsteps of fabulous characters In South America and Central Asia. There were some great personalities - Victorian equestrian travellers such as Lady Florence Dixie and others Sir John Ure describes as seeking adventure in the Great Game. Choose a date from horseback journeys or tailor make your own expedition.



Track Puma (mountain lion) and wild horses in the spectacular mountains of Patagonia. Experience the raw emotion of discovering wild horses roaming free in this remote wilderness. Enjoy the thrill of the tracking the rare, elusive and much revered puma in this fantastic country. Sharing our knowledge and passion for this wild region we ensure your time will be very real, special and rewarding. Proper country homes with roaring log fires will be your bases for these activities with great cooking.



Tame wild horses using a special Indian technique known as ‘Doma India’ (soft touch technique). Learn how to horse whisper and enjoy the memorable experience of bonding with your horse. The horses are rounded up from wild breed herds living in the huge landscapes of the estancia and appropriately selected for taming. The taming program takes place in fantastic inspiring countryside at a lovely family home. Plenty of riding will be done around the estancia and a wilderness pack trip into the mountains can be arranged.



Tailor one of our recommended horseback journeys to your personal requirements. Your dates, length of stay, balance of time out on a journey and so on . This is no trouble to us and with our guidance your trip can be organised very easily and made bespoke for you travelling alone, as a couple, with friends or family. The journeys are different from the norm, generally they have a theme to them such as following in the footsteps of an interesting victorian explorer… tailor it to you!



Experience a traditional horse festival in a variety of regions. Line up next to expert Chilean horseman for a unique endurance horse race. Experience traditional Mongolian nomad festivities at the Nadaam festivals. Ride to a Golden Eagle Hunter gathering in the Altai Mountains. Ride in Rajasthan to meet desert fairs and see the Mewari Horse in its full splendour. Visit Tuscany with us to attend the Palio in Sienna - for a unique insight into this passionate medieval event of man and horse.



If you want a complete change of scene and want to get away from the city and into the South America or Central Asian wilderness – we can tailor a long stay equine program that you will enjoy and find very rewarding. Immerse yourself in some extraordinary homes, landscapes and cultures. Learn and experience some new skills, go back refreshed and re-invigorated. Tell us your objective and with our knowledge of these regions, programs that we run and contacts, we will construct an itinerary for you.