Frequently Asked Questions

The Traveller

Who travels with Bagual?

Individuals, friends, couples and families can all enjoy what we have to offer. We hope that a sense of searching for something authentic is a common link.

These FAQs are more geared for those doing riding trips than arts, textiles or gastronomic journeys. Any questions, do just call us.

Back to Top > Can we bring the kids?

Yes. We suggest you seek further advice from us depending on the child´s age and riding ability.

Back to Top > Can you extend my trip to other regions?

Yes. We have great logistics operators who frequently organize bespoke activities for the BBC and the likes. We can organise some excellent journeys elsewhere arts, textiles, foodie and other areas of interest. We have some lovely contacts with whom you can have a tremendous experience.

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Journey and accommodation

What characterises the journeys?

The trips will be a mix of good, comfy tasteful style accommodation in the hotels, homes, cabins, Mongolian gers and canvas tents. If traditional rustic camping style is included on any nights you will be advised. We will make great efforts to ensure you experience traditional methods of cooking and local ingredients and no plastic.

Back to Top > What kind of experience will we have?

You will stay at traditional family homes or comfy private camps. Cooking meals with wholesome home grown produce. Catering for vegetarians. Antique textiles and other artisan décor making surroundings a natural and cosy atmosphere in which to live, be it in Patagonia, Mongolia or India.

Back to Top > What do I need to pack and wear?

Ask for kit lists for the different regions or email to ask. We think wool is best for the colder parts. Long Johns always a winner for the cold and extra padding. We sell our own designed ‘elegant kit that travels well’ made by skilled artisans and in addition we can steer you to good places / tailors who know us well in all the regions.

Back to Top > What comforts can one expect?

On the journeys themselves the living can be basic, part of the charm, depending on the trip. The Patagonian camps, Mongolian gers and Rajasthani tents are all camping in style. See individual trips and contact us for more details.

Back to Top > What is the food like? What if I have special dietary requests?

Wholesome, mostly home grown fruit and vegetables. Home reared meat, sheep, goat and cattle. A passion for cooking and a love of preparing good meals. So we are considerate towards both hearty and healthy eating and can cater for people’s tastes and diets.

Back to Top > What is the accommodation like?

See individual rides. There is a traditional stylish camps, simple mountain dwellings and comfy homes and bohemian style hotels / homes. It is important to be someone who will embrace simple mountain dwellings for one or more nights in the Patagonian Trail.

Back to Top > What is the weather like?

Contact us for more details as each country has different seasonal temperatures

Back to Top > Does it matter if I book alone?

Definitely not. Infact a speciality of ours is providing exclusive individually crafted experiences for lone travellers who are really looking to get away, for any number of reasons, and do something special. We can put together a wonderful adventure for lone travellers. Clients are able to enjoy a unique freedom and have their own personal space whether we are crafting their own bespoke itinerary or they are coming on a journey with others.

Back to Top > Are there any extra charges if I travel alone?

Single travellers will not be charged a supplement as long as they are willing to share with someone. On these rides, if you ask us, we will try to find you a sharer, but we cannot guarantee to do so.

Back to Top > What if I get ill or have an accident?

Guides are all experienced outdoorsmen, but are not medics or doctors. You will be expected to have taken out your own medical insurance and be carrying personal medication. There will be a medical pack on all journeys. There is no air ambulance in remote areas. The Ambulance is an overland service and help is actioned by a combination of satellite, radio and mobile communication.

Back to Top > Do the guides have medical training?

James is medically certified from Ray Mears's highly respected WEM 2 course, a specialist wilderness medical qualification. Jakob on The Patagonian Trail is an experienced guide. The Mongolian nomads, gauchos and horseman in India are just the sought of people you want around in a challenging situation.

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Riding Ability

How difficult are the trails?

The difficulty of trails depends on the destination and type of trip. Generally the most important thing is to be interested and content in the outdoors.

Back to Top > How fit do I need to be?

Anyone in good health with normal fitness level can join our trips. Some of our itineraries are more physically demanding than others so ask to make sure.

Back to Top > I am over 60, am I too old for your trips?

Many of the most capable and most prepared riders are in their 60s and 70s. We can be for travellers of all ages. Age is no restriction, it is all about knowing your own fitness.

Back to Top > I have not ridden for years, will I cope?

All our rides are geared towards people who have some riding experience.

Back to Top > What are the horses and guides like?

In all instances the horses are working horses and kept fit by the Mongolian nomads, gauchos and grooms and family members in India. All guidesand family memebrs are experienced horseman, capable, conscientious, fun and knowledgeable.

Back to Top > How long will we be riding for each day?

You'll typically spend four to six hours on your horse each day depending on the trip you choose or the kind of trip you have tailor-made.

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Travel Essentials

How do we pay?

Bank transfer

Back to Top > Insurance?

Yes please, you need to have your own organised and be personally covered in order to travel with us. There are several all-round travel policies and adventure travel policies on the market you can choose from. You might also like to speak to an insurance specialist regulated under the Financial Services Act who can advise you on a suitable policy. As with any insurance, it is essential to select your policy with care and to check the detailed terms and conditions and policy wording, to ensure it will meet your needs. For example the policy may require the use of protective clothing, which, when riding, may mean a hard hat - different insurance companies take different views and you should check the policy wording carefully. It is also vital that you disclose any pre-existing medical conditions or checkups you are undergoing to your insurer before taking out cover and that you note any restrictions in cover relating to these.

Back to Top > Do I need a Visa?

European passport holders generally speaking are given automatic 3 month visa on arrival in both Chile and Argentina. Check for Mongolia, some passport holders, British included, get automatic one month visa. You need a visa for India. For more information about visas relevant to your nationality, visit your embassy. To find a nation's embassy in any country please visit:

Back to Top > Where can I get advice on travelling abroad?

The Foreign and Commonwealth website provides useful and up to date information on travel destinations:

Back to Top > Do I need any vaccinations?

Consult your doctor for up to date advice on your travel plans.

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