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Indian Spice

6 July 2014


The old cinamon overflowing

Delhi spice market, the best chai in town!

Delhi Spice Market

Spices for export

Chai wallah, Jaipur

In rickshaw whizzing through the pink city

coconut juice, pink city

outdoor style, Pushkar

same, detail

chapati making, pushkar

just right!

ready sir

more out door style, pushkar

little chai to, love it!

oh yah!

time to satisy the sweet tooth

cheery soul, pushkar

wandering ascetics cooking up a brew, Brahma Temple, Pushkar

more sweets please!

chopping the green hot ones, preparing the dal

ceramics for the ktchen

preparing an evening meal for twelve


the joyous colours that abound in india, on a cart in back street Pushkar

”It wasn´t so much that i was homesick – home was where evr ma was- but I felt in an amorphous sort of way that my real life was in India and would start again, after this European interlude, only when i returned.” Gayatri Devi, the Maharini of Jaipur 1976

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An Argentine Barbecue

5 July 2014

A fun few days at home with Jakob, Christl and Rhona.

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Base Camp / PJ’s

3 July 2014

A trip to Natales is not complete with out taking a trip to this venue

A drink, a wholesome feed and good vibes

Thanks Paul!

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