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6 July 2014

Rhona Pootle

Away from humans, right!

What a great journey, super fun and thoroughly enjoyable to travel around with a lover of permaculture, passionate foodie and excellent chef – with wonderful knowledge to share. A love for our four legged friends. A fine balance on many levels and how nice to have roots in Bengal. Skipping around with wonderful threads not a man made fibre in sight. A treasure chest of potions. Generous and thoughtful toward those she connected with throughout her voyage. Not phased by extreme weather conditions. I mean, pretty good girl really – now back at her home living out in the woods with her dogs, pootling around! She thundered through autumnal Patagonia on a variety of ponies –  Jalisco, Laguna, Estampa and Rocket to! Fine wilderness dining, quite the most thorough provisioning the village has ever experienced and pretty damned good for us on safari – in freezing temperatures, up in the mountains! Snowy picnics in the forest as the huge snow flakes floated around. Pretty surreal! A little elf worked her magic to bring beautiful home spun woolly jumpers to us all, designed at a glance of her human subjects, perfect sizes returning, knitted overnight. Well it is hard to imagine life without them. Heaps of fun, crossed borders, the safari moved north where it ended in the hills of the fathers, drinking good wine, eating super food, riding all day, laughing and chatting with Chistl and Jakob. Who needs humans, right! Here´s to living remotely and sustainably, four legged friends for company and searching for that special spot to do it all!




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Will over from Botswana

5 July 2014

Will at Condor Valley.

What a good riding trip.

Will having had all his luggage lost by the airline from Botswana, was travelling light! We rode from log cabin to log cabin, picking our away through forests and valleys. Fun times as we enjoyed a perfect balance of amusing chat, great cooking over wood burning stoves, a few drinks, good picnic spots, plenty of riding, great wilderness country – a fine journey indeed. We knew how great it was, appreciating every second, 2 very old friends getting the opportunity to hang out and have an amazing catch up. Everyday completely superb. 10 days on, last night in Base Camp Pub, beers in hand, going over it all. Absolute classic that we´ll never forget. What a huge effort Will made travelling from Africa, wife and kids back at home. My turn to travel to Botswana!

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Will on Kayak Safari!

5 July 2014

Old chums embark on a kayak safari in southern patagonia!

Down Rio Serrano

Picking a camp spot on the river bank!

Will, pretty relaxed there in the Kayak

Will just watching and learning from his old mate!





The team heading back after what was an absolutely wonderful kayak safari. Amusing company, beautiful scenary. pristine waters, wonderful cooking, happy camping and excellent weather.


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Charlie taming yearlings for Jakotango

4 July 2014


Charlie Agar, finished for the day!

Yong ones playing at dusk in the pasture

Another day

Jakob´s young herd

Charlie at work in the round pen

In the smaller coral


Baltizar assists Charlie

Ombu coming to help!

End of the day

Another good meal, argentine style.


Dawn from verandah at the house

This season we started and finished are safari trips with Jakob at his home. We first arrived with the Cleggs in Dec 2013. 4 months and 6 safaris later we returned with Rhona end of April 2014, ending the season on a wonderful note.

Charlie Agar is now a regular summer feature at the farm. He is such a great chap, working the horses so beautifully; for me and also for clients it has added a nice extra touch to what is always a very special place to stay.

Wonderful times – loved by all –  thanks to the fantastic hosting of Jakob, Christl and their team.

Polo, cabalgattas, training endurance horses, delicious food, asados, great wines … tranquil, fun – what ever you feel – I mean, really, what a spot, pretty hard to beat, right!

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Butch and Sundance

3 July 2014

Bandits spotted in remote Patagonia Jan 2014

What a fabulous riding safari to start the New Year. Blazing sunshine the whole journey. Great cooking from Butch, fine wines and a huge amount of laughter as we rode through stunning wilderness and stayed in spectacular locations.

A good crossing

Pretty good!

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An 18 day Safari!

3 July 2014

John Retson brings the spirit of the Highlands to Patagonia

What a pleasure it was guiding guiding John on what can only be described as an epic safari. We had 5 people on the first leg of the safari. Then John and I continued on to more remote valleys and glaciers with fresh horses. Still  after 14 days in the saddle, with an amazing energy, John slowly slipped off in a kayak for 3 days with the wonderful Bill and Cote, expertly guiding him through pristine wilderness waterways. A man full of knowledge, super organised for the outdoors and tells a great story round the camp fire of the Highland Clans

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Clegg Family Ride in Patagonia

3 July 2014

A brief moment out of the saddle!

The Cleggs, old friends, travelled to Argentina and Chile celebrating Colettes 50th birthday. Relations of the Lady Florence Dixie. A super holiday and great adventure following in her hoof prints. Including celebrating Christmas and seeing in the 2014 New Year at 51 degrees south! All good fun.

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Annabel celebrates 2013 in at Ranquilco

16 May 2013

Annabel went to Patagonia to enjoy the delights of spending Christmas and New Year chilling out, tucked away in the Trocoman valley of Ranquilco.

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A quiet moment on Ali´s safari

15 May 2012

On Ali´s guided trip, one of her clients goes for a gentle afternoon swim

cooling down

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Charlotte Phillips

11 May 2012

Charlotte Phillips comments ” … best trip I have ever had. ”


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