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Bagual Ponchos

30 October 2016

poncho IMG_2626

Autumn wearing her new poncho after a riding safari on Exmoor. Woven using traditional ancient warp and weft Indian techniques on the loom in Catamarca province, Argentina. Excellent hand spun wool from Patagonia. Having used ponchos for many years, there is nothing that has been missed in quality and design. Ensured to become a warm, faithful and very useful travel companion!


Using on natural dyes and natural colour of the wools. Traditional artisans at work dyeing with walnut shells for sandy brown finish, onion skins for different burned yellows, maté yerba leaves for mossy greens … plants and minerals to.

bagual logo IMG_0377

poncho IMG_2625

Robyn in same poncho design.

poncho IMG_2619

poncho IMG_2622

A plain grey natural wool with old tradition design of ‘winka’ border on the collar (brown, dyed with walnut shell). Good length and long borders which is important for comfort and warmth, whether riding, walking or sitting outside.

For more product photos, contact us. You can buy a poncho for U$700 plus post and packaging.

Otherwise supplied this season at the appropriate location of  ‘basecamp’ on  The Patagonia Trail horse safari, Argentina.




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